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Monday, 08 February 2016


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Operating Room
The OPERATING ROOM (OR) is a very specialized division of the NURSING SERVICE DIVISION. It aims to serve and provide quality care to all patients undergoing surgery.

Services Description

The Operating Room performs the following surgical procedures:

o Abdomino – Aortic Aneutysm
o Abdomino – Perineal Op
o Abduction Tenotomy (Bilateral)
o ACL Reconstruction
o Adrenalectomy
o Amputation (Arm)
o Amputation (Finger)
o Amputation (Leg)
o Angiogram / Myelogram / Discogram
o Anoplasty
o Ano – rectal Surgery
o Aortic Iliac Indarterectomy
o Appendectomy
o Arthrogram
o Arthrotomy
o Aspiration of Fluids
o Aural Polypectomy
o Bilateral Tract Operation
o Bladder Resection
o Blepharoplasty (L/U)
o Blepharoplasty (U and L)
o Body / Boot Cast
o Bone Grafting
o Bronchoscopy (Rigid)
o Burr Hole Operation
o Cladwel – Luc
o Cat. Lens Ext. with IOL
o Cauterization Anal Warts
o Cervical Biopsy
o Change of Dressing (small)
o Change of Dressing (extensive)
o Cheiloplasty
o Chest Tube Thoracostomy
o Chin Augmentation
o Cholecystectomy / Lap Chole
o Cholecsystojejunostomy
o Choleduodenostomy
o Circumcission
o Cleft Chin Repair
o Cleft Palate Repair
o Close Reduction, Nasal
o Closed Reduction (Ortho)
o Closure of Colostomy
o Coccygectomy
o Colostomy
o Commando Operation
o Common Bile Duct Operation
o Cordotomy
o Core Decompression
o Corneal Transplant
o Craniectomy/Cranioplasty
o Craniotomy
o Creation of AV Fistula/SS Insertion
o Cut Down
o Cylinder Casting
o Cystectomy
o Cysto-Bsket Stone Extraction
o Cystogram
o Cystolapaxy
o Cystolithotomy
o Cystometry
o Cystoretrograde Pyelogram
o Cystoscopy
o Cystostomy
o Cysto-Urethrotomy
o Dacrodryocystorhinostomy
o Debredernt (Extensive)
o Debridement (Medium)
o Denridement (Small)
o Dental Surgey
o Dermabrasion
o Diagnostic Lap
o Dilatation of Stricture
o Direct Laryngoscopy
o Disectomy
o Diverticulectomy
o Double J Stent Insertion
o Ear Boring
o Ear Plastic Surgery
o Ectropion
o Electrocautery
o Enucleation
o Epididymectomy
o Epidural Insertion
o Ethmoidectomy
o Evisceration
o EXC. (cyst/Wart/Moles/Lipoma)
o EXC.Neck Mass (Full Drape)
o EXC. Neck Mass (Mayo)
o EXC. Of Bunion (1 Foot)
o EXC. Bunion (Bilateral)
o Exchange Blood Transfusion
o Excision of Chalasion
o Excision of Perianal Mass
o Excision of Pterygium
o Excision of Polyductyl
o Explor Thoracotomy
o Explor-Lap
o Eye Exam
o Facelifting
o Femoral Bypass/Embolectomy
o Fess
o Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy
o Filtering
o Fistulectomy
o Flexor/Tendon Repair
o Ganglion Excision
o Gastroenterostomy
o Glaucoma Surgery
o Hair Transplant
o Hallus Vagus Repair
o Hassab/s Operation
o Hemi-section Mandible
o Hemorrhoidectomy
o Hepatic Resection
o Herniorraphy, Inguinal
o Hip Pinning/Prothesis
o Hip Spica
o Hydocoelectomy
o Hypospadias Repair
o I and C
o I and D
o I and D, Small
o Ileosoplasty
o Ileostomy
o Iliac Exploration
o IM Nialing
o Infiltration/ Aspiration-Knee/ Elbow
o Insertion of Schribber Shunt/ Goetex Graf
o Insertion of Tenkhoof Cath
o Iridectomy
o Keratectomy
o Keratoplasty
o Knee Exploration
o K-Wire Traction
o Lacrimal Probing
o Laminectomy
o Laryngectomy
o Laryngofissure
o Lift Temporal
o Ligation of Bleeders
o Ligation of Carotid Artery
o Lipectomy
o Liposuction (Leg, Abdo, Chin)
o Liposuction (Arms)
o Liver Biopsy/ Kidney Biopsy
o Lobectomy
o Lumbar Sympathectomy
o Mammoplasty
o Mandibulectomy
o Mastoidectomy
o Maxillectomy
o Meninggocoele Repair
o Menisectomy
o Minerva Cast
o Miringotomy Tube Insertion
o Mitral Commisurotomy
o Modified Radical Mastectomy
o Muscle Surgery
o Myelogram
o Myomectomy
o Nasal Packing
o Nasal Anthrostomy
o Nasal Endoscopy
o Nasopharyngeal Biopsy
o Neck Exploration (Extensive)
o Neck Exploration (Simple)
o Needle Localization
o Nephrectomy
o Nephrectomy (Donor)/ Renal Transplant
o Nephrolithotomy
o Nerve Exploration
o Open Liver Biopsy
o Open Liver Biopsy / Drainage
o Open Reduction (Radius (Radius / Una)
o Open Reduction Mandible
o Orchidotomy/ Pexy
o Orif (Plating) Tibia / Femur
o Orif, Humerus/Elbow
o Osteotomy
o Pacemaker Insertion
o Panendoscopy
o Paracentesis
o Parotidectomy
o Patellar Repair
o Pelvic Exenteration
o Pelviolithotomy
o Percadial Windowing
o Pericarddiostomy / Pericardietomy
o Perineal Prostatectomy
o Perineal / Periniorrapht Repair
o Phaco Emulsification
o Plate Fixation
o Porta Cath Insertion
o Posterior Cast
o Proctosigmoidoscopy
o Proctosigmoidoscopy (HMO)
o Prostatectomy
o Prostatic Biopsy / Kidney Biopsy
o Ptosis Repair
o Pyelotomy
o Pyloric Stenosis
o Pyloroplasty
o Rectal Polypectomy
o Release of Carpal Tunnel
o Release of Cordee
o Release of Tongue Tie
o Release of Trigger Finger
o Removal of Cast/Sutures
o Removal of Foreign Body (DL)
o Removal of Foreign Body Foot
o Removal of Foreign Body, Ear/Nose
o Removal of Ilizarov
o Removal of Ingrown Toenail
o Removal of J Stent
o Removal of Lacrimal Tube
o Removal of Pin, Wire, Nail
o Removal of Ventriculostomy Tube
o Removal of Transplant (Recipient)
o Removal of Detachment
o Removal of Rhinoplasty
o Removal of VP Shunt
o Rhinoplasty
o Thizotomy
o S and O
o Salivary Gland Ligation
o Sand Papering
o Scleral Buckling
o Septectomy
o Septoplasty
o Short/Long Arm Casting
o Short/Long Leg Casting
o Simple Mastectomy
o Skin Grafting (Big)
o Skin Grafting (Small)
o Sphennoidectomy
o Spinal Fusion
o Spleenectomy
o Squint Operation
o Stapedectomy
o STaphylorhaphy
o Stat Case
o Steinman Pin Traction
o Sternotomy
o Steroid Injection
o Suprapubic Prostatectomy
o Suspension Laryngoscopy
o Suturing of Wounds
o Synovectomy
o Tahbso
o Tendon Grafting
o Tenorraphy
o Thoracoscopy
o Thorecentesis
o Thymectomy
o Tissue Expander (Implant/Release)
o Tongue Biopsy
o Tonsillectomy
o Total Knee Replacement
o Trabeculectomy
o Tracheostomy
o Transphenoidal Operaiton
o Transurethral Fulgeration
o Tube Gastrostomy
o Tube Nephtostomy
o Tube Thoracostomy
o Turp
o Tympano-Mastoid
o Tympanoplasty
o Ulnar Medial Nerve Repair
o Ultrasonic Lthotripsy
o Ureteroneocystosstomy
o Ureteroscopy
o VP Shunt
o Vagotomy
o Varicoelectomy
o Vein Stripping (Bilateral)
o Vein Stripping (One Leg)
o Ventriculostomy
o Vesico-Vaginal Repair
o Video Bronchoscopy
o Video Colonoscopy
o Video Gastrocoscopy
o Video Proctosigmoidoscopy
o Vitretomy
o Vocal Cord Stripping
o Whipple Operation
o Wide Exision
o Wound Exploration
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Department Services

  1. General Surgery
  2. Neurosurgery
  3. Pediatric Surgery
  4. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
  5. Thorasic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  6. Urology
  7. Optha Surgery
  8. Orthopedic Surgery
  9. Otorhinolaryngo Surgery
  10. Anesthesia
  11. Pain Management
  12. Pulmonary Procedures
  13. Endoscopy Procedures

Operating Schedule

Operating Room is open twenty-four (24) hours daily. All elective surgeries are scheduled from 07:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Saturday.

Contact Numbers:

  • Direct Line : 523–2529; 528-8155
  • Trunk Line : 524 – 3011
  • Extension numbers :
    • 2460, 8125, and 3240 – Counter
    • 3460 – Stock Room
    • 8155

Doctor's Specialty


Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Abagon, Marianito,

Dr. Agbayani, Benigno Jr. A.

Dr. Balingit, Dioscoro G.

Dr. Ang, Reynaldo E.

Dr. Barrenechea, Eduardo V.

Dr. Azores, Gregorio M.S.

Dr. Bernardo, Orlando C.

Dr. Bautista, Jose D.

Dr. Cabaluna, Ma. Lourdes Josefina K.

Dr. Bernardo, Peter B.

Dr. Camagay, Iluminada T.

Dr. Dela Rosa, Tammy L.

Dr. Capito, Roland S.

Dr. Estrella, Emmanuel P.

Dr. Cruz, Concepcion L.

Dr. Genuino, Virgilio Jr. S.

Dr. Cruz, Rebecca R.

Dr. Ignacio, Jose Manuel F.

Dr. Diaz, Nestor L.

Dr. Wang, Edward H.M.

Dr. Egay, Lydia M.

Dr. Montalban, Antonio M.

Dr. Felix, Filologo C.

Dr. Recto, Rafael Jr. S.

Dr. Malimas, Raquel D.

Dr. Silao, Jose Norman III I.

Dr. Figueras, Alma Maria P.

Dr. Tacata, Cirilo Jr. R.

Dr. Genuino, Virgilio Sr. T.

Dr. Tacata, Ida S.

Dr. Gomez, Angel M.

Dr. Villaruel, Copernico Jr. L.

Dr. Gomez, Robert M.

Dr. Lai, Joseph Garvy L.

Dr. Gutierrez, Emmanuela L.


Dr. Hogar, Bernadette C.

Otorhinolaryngology Surgery

Dr. Isaac, Herminia M.

Dr. Abes, Generoso T

Dr. Juliano, Teodora G.

Dr. Chiong, Armando Jr. M.

Dr. La Rosa, Gabriel P.

Dr. Chiong, Armando Sr. T.

Dr. Lim, Monalita G.

Dr. Chiong, Charlotte M.

Dr. Litonjua, Mary A.

Dr. De Gracia, Virgilio R.

Dr. Luciano, Ma. Juana E.D.

Dr. De Jesus, Manuel A.

Dr. Macasaet, Evalyn

Dr. Dela Cruz, Elmer M.

Dr. Macasaet, Romeo Gregorio III N.

Dr. Espiritu, Anne Marie V.

Dr. Magaspi, Crispulo S.

Dr. Jose, Edilberto M.

Dr. Fellizar, Lilia M.

Dr. Nolasco, Felix

Dr. Fellizar, Loreto A.

Dr. Pascual, Arsenio III L.


Dr. Pontejos, Alfredo Q.Y.

General Surgery

Dr. Sarmiento, Victoria  C

Dr. Cruz, Dionisio T.

Dr. Villafuerte, Cesar Jr. V.

Dr. De Villa, Mario S.

Dr. Villegas, Manuel Jr. E.

Dr. Dela Paz, Daniel A.


Dr. Dela Pena, Arturo S.

Pain Management

Dr. Estrada, Ramon Francisco S.

Dr. Arenas-Corleto, Ma. Cristine O.

Dr. Galang, Jose Ronald P.

Dr. Cabaluna, Ma. Lourdes Josefina K.

Dr. Gutierrez, Romeo R.

Dr. Poblete, Angelo V.

Dr. Hernandez, Jose Joaquin E.

Dr. Que, Jocelyn C.

Dr. Hilvano, Serafin C.


Dr. Joson, Reynaldo O.

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Kho, Mariano C.

Dr. Almonte, Josefina R.

Dr. Kho, Mark Richard C.

Dr. Baltazar, Wilma A.

Dr. Nadal, Elias M.


Dr. Oposa, Antonio C.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Pagtalunan, Redentor

Dr. Genuino, Glenn Angelo S.

Dr. Pareja, Nestor S.

Dr. Gonzales, Edgardo G.

Dr. Pascual, Arsenio Jr. C.

Dr. Lucero, Florencio Q.

Dr. Tan, Ernesto


Dr. Salvador, Roehl C.

Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Dr. Silao, Jeanette Nora I.

Dr. Chuachiaco, Manuel

Dr. Sioco, Dubarry O.

Dr. De Castro, Estanislao E

Dr. Soncuya, Moises

Dr. Gonzales, Jose C.

Dr. Talens, Eric S.M.

Dr. Melendres, Fernando A.

Dr. Roxas, Alberto B.

Dr. Oposa, Antonio C.


Dr. Ramos, Luminardo M.


Dr. Zamora, Romeo

Dr. Bitanga, Normando M.


Dr. Domingo, Faustino Jr. T.


Dr. Domingo, Faustino Rene D.C.

Dr. Serrano, Dennis P.

Dr. Posoncuy, Camellia J.N.

Dr. Esquivel, Jose Antonio F.


Dr. Gana, Telesforo Jr. E.

Opthalmology Surgery

Dr. Gatchalian, Eduardo R.

Dr. Angeles, Maria Teresa A.

Dr. Lim, Guerilio U.

Dr. Agulto, Manuel B.

Dr. Montoya, Nicanor D.

Dr. Delfin, Manuel Jr. S.

Dr. Cano, Emilio III LL.

Dr. Domingo-Remulla, Heidi D.C.


Dr. Dy-Liacco, Jacinto U.


Dr. Espiritu, Cesar Ramon R.G.


Dr. Fajardo, Moises Romeo Q.


Dr. Fajardo, Romeo Q.


Dr. Fajardo-Gomez,  Ma. Florentina Q.


Dr. Kamantigue, Ma. Edelwina G.


Dr. Malaya, Josefina C.


Dr. Martinez, Alfredo B.


Dr. Ngu, Michael S.


Dr. Ramos, Eduardo A.


Dr. Villalon, Pearl T.


Dr. Salud, Arnold T.


Dr. San Juan, Ricardo G.


Dr. Santiago, Alvina Pauline D.


Dr. Silao, John Nathaniel I.


Dr. Valenton, Mario J.


Dr. Remulla, Juancho C.


Dr. Reyes, Edwin C.


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