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Other Support Units

Admitting, Information and Telephone Services

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The Admitting, Information and Telephone Services will be very happy to entertain any inquiries and requests 24 x 7.

The Information service is operated twenty-four (24) hours with three (3) shifts from:

  • 06:00 AM to 02:00 PM - Morning duty
  • 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM - Afternoon duty
  • 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM - Night duty



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Admitting Service:

  • Trunk line: 524-3011
  • Extension numbers: 3412 and 8102
  • Direct line: 528-8102

Information Service:

  • Extension numbers: 2480 and 8117
  • Direct lines: 528-8117, 525-5532

Telephone Service:

  • Trunk line: 524-3011 to 77
  • Extension numbers: 296, 399 or simply dial 0

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Information Service is the center of dissemination of general information pertaining to confined patients, doctorís offices and office hours as well as the locations of the different departments in the hospital. Sorting letters and forwarded to designated departments and clinic rooms. Paging for announcement, emergency code, prayers, doctors and/or personnel needed in the area.



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Admitting Service

The Admitting, Information and Telephone Services is considered as the "heart" and "show window" of the hospital. It is generally the first point of contact of the hospital for patients needing confinement. This unit holds one of the most strategic positions in the hospital organization.

When Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) was founded in 1956, the Admitting, Information and Telephone Operators Services were functioning as one department under the supervision of Sis. Marie Leonie Retoria, SPC. The three units of the department were all located under the spherical staircase of the hospitalís main building. It was in early 1990ís, after the inauguration of the Norberto Ty Medical Tower (NTMT building, housing most of the hospitalís private rooms) when the Admitting Service and the Information Service were transferred to its present locations.

In 2004, Admitting Service was placed under the supervision of the Nursing Service. The decision was geared towards improvement in service, particularly in the interfacing of the servicing units. A year thereafter, the three sections were placed under the supervision of the Operation and Hospitality Division (OHD). Under the present setup and with the dynamic mentoring of its division head, the department is continuously striving to enhance and further develop its quality of service.

Information Service

Manila Doctors Hospital started year 1956 wherein the Information Service was located together with the Telecommunication Service and the Admitting Service in a very small area. Mrs. Mary Roxas was the first department head of the three servicing area for almost 46 years with Sr. Marie Leonie Retoria, SPC and Sr. Madeleine Ravelo, SPC as department coordinators in a different years. In year 1991 the Information Service was transferred in the new area along the Norberto Ty Medical Tower ground floor fronting the United Nations Avenue. By year 2005 the area was renovated from its original area but still beside the Admitting Service.



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The professional and caring personnel of the unit are its strength in the delivery of quality service to the clients:

  • The caring people of the admitting service assign the patient to a particular room to register them in the list of admitted patients when they enter a hospital for admission.
  • The courteous Information staff entertains any inquiries with regards to services being offered by the institution, doctorsí schedule and specialization, and referral to concerned units for continued quality service.
  • The prompt telephone service staff entertains incoming calls to be transferred to different units of the hospital, accepts SMS from the nursing units for the information of Attending Physicians regarding admission and referrals, and entertains requests for long distance and international calls.

Information Services:

  • Refer patients to doctors by their specialization, with referral letter and with HMO coordinators.
  • Give proper instructions to patients asking for hospital/clinic area.
  • Paging for announcement must be twice, clear and loud.
  • Proper endorsement before leaving the area.

Schedule Contact Description History Dept. Services

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