SHARED (School Health Program)

School Health Advancement as a Response to Education Development (SHARED) is the School Health Program of Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) implemented through its Department of Pediatrics and the Corporate Social Responsibility Office (CSRO). The program is composed of 7 globally accepted elements of School Health in line the World Health Organization (WHO) accepted protocols.

The seven (7) elements are:

  1. HEALTH EDUCATION covering physical and social challenges using the entertainment for education approach pioneered by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication.
  2. PHYSICAL EDUCATION importance of physical activities in preventing diseases.
  3. HEALTH SERVICES for preventive, curative and determination of handicapping conditions
  4. COACHING, COUNSELING, LIFESKILLS SERVICES Meeting the needs for mental development. (emotional & behavioral adjustment) Early detection of problem.
  5. HEALTHY SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT Basic preventive measure of communicable diseases & Provides feeling of comfort, and enhances educational achievement. To learn effectively, children must: Feel comfortable and supported Attend a safe, properly functioning school Have minimal distractions
  6. HEALTH PROMOTION AND STAFF TRAINING skills enhancement and personal development.
  7. PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (PTA) INVOLVEMENT Social activities and recreation, prevention of mental fatigue amongst school personnel and promotes cooperation to the advantage of the school.The Hospital’s current adopted school is Dr. Celedonio A. Salvador Elementary School (CSES) located at Merced St., Paco, Manila.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Increased by 90% the health and safety knowledge of students and teachers in the adopted school (tobacco, drugs, hygiene, risky behaviors, disaster preparedness, etc.) by the end of school year 2014-15.
  • Decreased by 85% the common illnesses that causes absenteeism amongst the students in our adopted school by the end of school year 2014-15.
  • Solid exit and sustainability plan for the school by end of school year 2014-15.
  • Manual on School Health by the end of 2016
  • Impact Assessment with 90% affirmative impact on school by end of 2015.