Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program

Preparedness is our weapon when disaster strikes.


Health and Safety Policy

It is the Policy of Manila Doctors Hospital to take all possible steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all patients, employees and other persons engaged in work for the organization and any third parties who come into contact with the business.

It is the Policy of Manila Doctors Hospital to ensure the continuity of its services and operations in the event of any internal or external disaster.

The Manila Doctors Hospital Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program is being implemented, reviewed and evaluated by the Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Committee (SPDPC) under the office of the Hospital Director in accordance to its existing policies and procedures. The program conforms to the standards set by the Department of Health, World Health Organization – Safe Hospital Program, Philhealth and Accreditation Canada.

Program Components

  1. Natural Disaster and Fire Disaster Safety Program
  2. Security and Human-caused Disaster Safety Program
  3. Environmental Safety Program
  4. Infection Safety Program
  5. Patient Care Safety Program
  6. Occupational Health and Safety Program
  7. Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Management Program
  8. Medical Resuscitation Management Program
  9. Surge of Patients Management Program
  10. Emergency and Disaster Information Management Program
  11. Media and Risk Communication Management Program

The Medical Resuscitation Management Program conducts Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (accredited by the Philippine Heart Association) every quarter. Other available course upon request Basic Life Support Course, First Aid Training and Disaster Preparedness Training (i.e. Fire Safety, Earthquake Preparedness)

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