Hand Hygiene Day Program of Activities (May 5, 2015)


May 4, 2015
Time: 7:45am
Venue: UN Driveway Fountain Area
Activity: Photo Opportunity with Placards made by different units after the flag ceremony

Time: 8:00am
Activity: Opening of MDH Photo booth
Venue: MDH Activity Area (in front of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Time: 8:30am
Activity: Photo Opportunity with Placards
Venue: MDH CSR Clinic

Mahal ko na ang sarili ko

Mahal ko na ang sarili ko

How to quit smoking: Self-determination and love for oneself

 ”Binalik ko yung love ko sa sarili koAt kung love ko yung sarili ko, love ko rin yung surroundings ko.”

For the 53-year-old Emily Bulacan, who has been smoking for 26 years, it only took self-determination and love for herself to stop the habit.  Emily started smoking heavily at age 27, and although she does not consider herself as a chain smoker, she still consumed 15 cigarette sticks a day.

DSC_1170 copyShe is an aerobics instructor and a resident of Brgy. 662, the adopted community of Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) where the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) heads the Hospital’s community health program FORGE (Fostering Oneness Responsibility Growth and Empowerment). She is also active in the community and serves as one of the barangay health workers.